Every year the smartphone market is getting hotter and firms challenge each other as they achieve milestones in technology and marketing. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and Apple’s iPhone XS Max are the last flagships of each firm and they are the best in their area.

But the big question is, who wins this challenge? Which phone do users want more? Which phone do they like more? So, PhoneArena, made a poll for their readers and we found the results quite interesting, that’s why we are sharing this with you. PhoneArena is a big news website when it comes to smartphones, so people who follow this web site are really into smartphones.

Anyway, let’s don’t jump into the poll results immediately. Before that, we should remember which phone offers what.

Samsung Galaxy 9 offers:

  • Snapdragon 845
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Samsung Experience UI (so much features here!)
  • DeX (Desktop experience)
  • 512 GB SD Card support – you can reach up to 1 TB with a 512 GB version of a Note 9!
  • 999$

Apple iPhone XS Max offers:

  • Plus form of the iPhone XS
  • Thin bezels, stainless steel frame
  • Modern design
  • *fastest iPhone ever*
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 3174 mAh battery
  • Apple A12 Chip
  • 1099$

I think in the end the question is iOS or Android. Because both devices have similar prices but in most cases, Android devices have better hardware specifications. However, every year Apple succeeds to sell huge amounts of iPhones because of the user-friendly iOS platform.

Poll results

Like I said earlier, iPhone XS Max looks good but does it deserve all that money? I mean it is over 1K$! Anyway, in the poll that PhoneArena has made, 2529 votes have been submitted. 73,51% of these prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 9 over iPhone XS Max. 26,49% of the voters prefer iPhone XS Max over Galaxy Note 9. There’s a huge difference here.

What is YOUR opinion? Which of these would YOU buy? Join our poll in our community forum here and share your thoughts with us!



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