After Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, Spotify wants to roll out its own voice-assistant to cars. Last year, Spotify announced that they started developing their in-car assistant but then nobody ever heard of it. It looks like it is back on the agenda now.

According to Financial Times news, Spotify is going to launch its own in-car voice assistant in late 2019. It will be charged approximately for $100 and will stream the users’ most favorite playlists and of course, songs list. It doesn’t have any touchscreen. Spotify’s in-car assistant will be controlled by voice and buttons on sides.

What about getting the songs inside of the player? The report says that the device will use tethering for streaming from the Internet, but some users on Spotify forums say that the assistant will have its own Internet, with, of course, extra charge.

Spotify’s in-car assistant won’t have an AUX jack on it, so it will connect to your car via Bluetooth. So if you are driving a car, without a Bluetooth player, you won’t be able to use Spotify’s voice-assistant.


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