Xiaomi became a very popular brand in the last years, in smartphone market. The new trend is foldable phones. And Xiaomi is fitting in like Samsung, Royale, Huawei, and Lenovo. Xiaomi’s product could be the best, among the other ones we’ve seen.

Xiaomi’s co-founder and president Lin Bin, uploaded a video to Weibo. In the video, we can see Xiaomi’s foldable phone. It is thin in bezels compared to the other foldable phones we’ve seen so far. First, it’s in tablet form. It can be folded from the sides, separately, and it turns into a smartphone.

It looks like Xiaomi also adapted MIUI to this phone. The firm didn’t release so many details about the phone. But the Mobile World Congress is near, I think we’ll learn more about it in the expo. Lin Bin also states that “a series of technical problems such as flexible folding screen technology, four-wheel drive folding shaft technology, flexible cover technology, and MIUI adaptation.” have been solved and integrated by the firm.

You can take a look at the foldable phone Xiaomi has made in the video below:

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