Galaxy S10 Plus
Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has shown its face by a Reddit user. Although the image is a low quality one, we can determine most of the features of the new flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be the next flagship of Samsung. It will launch on February 20, at Mobile World Congress, but, as you know, smartphone agenda is determined by leaks, especially for the famous names.

According to the photo a Reddit user shared on the forum, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has small bezels on sides, an oval-shaped camera cutout at the top right corner and comments on the forum says that it is lighter than Note 9, but around the same size.

If this photo is for real, Galaxy S10 Plus has the same UI that we know from the previous generations. Comments on the Reddit forum says that you don’t realize the cutout when you are using the phone, so it seems like Samsung did a good job when designing the screen of the device. Other than that, it’s been rumored that Samsung has removed the iris scanner on Galaxy S10 Plus. Still, take a grain of salt for this image, but the information and the device look legit to believe that this is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

What are your expectations of Galaxy S10 Plus? Leave us a comment below!

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