iPhone XI is on the way with its triple camera setup on the back.

iPhone XI will be the successor of iPhone XS Max, at least that’s what I believe. Not so much time has gone but Apple is said to be working on its new flagship, iPhone XI (eleven). The firm has lost %8 in the stock market last week, and that’s not a good sign for an Apple-sized firm. After that, Tim Cook has made a statement that they have lowered their guidance budget down to 9$ billion.

Known leaksterĀ @OnLeaks unveiled the photos of the next iPhone. This iPhone is rumored to be named as iPhone XI. It has got triple camera setup on its back and we have no idea what does it carry on the front side, for now. One of the cameras (the one that’s not aligned straight with the others) is said to be 3D ToF camera, but that’s just a rumor, so take a grain of salt on this one.

Another rumor about the new iPhone camera is that it will have 5x optical zoom. But that’s not new, Huawei Mate 20 Pro has already done that. And Huawei’s next smartphone, P30 Pro, is said to have 10x optical zoom. So, late move by Apple, like always.

The next iPhone will be powered by Apple’s A13 chip. Stay tuned for further details and let us know in the comments below, what do you wait from the next iPhone!

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