Pixel family will have a new member: Pixel 4. But, what about the specs?

Google Pixel 4 will be the new member of Pixel family. Google has entered the smartphone market with Pixel 3 at last. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL had lots of criticism because of the size of their notches. But the users that know Pixel is the best mobile phone for taking photos, made their choices with Pixel 3. Now is the time for the next flagship. Details for the next flagship (expected Pixel 4) has leaked.

The details leaked by Geekbench show that Pixel 4 will have Snapdragon 855 chipset on board, like lots of the flagships on 2019. Pixel 3 had 4 GB of RAM but the new one will have 6 GB of RAM. It’s still a bit less than expected, but the main point of the Pixel phones is the optimization of the software. Like Apple’s iPhones, so it doesn’t mean that it’s not enough; it is important that how the software uses that source. Finally, Pixel 4 is expected to have Android Q, the latest Android version, on board.

Honestly, Android Q is still in the development process, so it’s not possible to share any details about it at this time. I don’t think even Google will debut the new Android version at the I/O event this year. But so far we know that Android Q will have Face-ID to unlock and make a payment on smartphones.

High on single-core, low on multi-core

Geekbench also shows the benchmark results of Pixel 4. According to the report the new Pixel phone had 3296 on single core test. This is pretty good. But when we look at the multi-core test, 9235 points isn’t impressive for a Google phone. But these are the early stages of Pixel 4. It will get better by time and development of the new flagship.

Pixel 4 is rumored to be launched in October 2019. By that time, rumor has it Google is preparing Pixel 3 Lite. But take a grain of salt with this matter, none of it are official.

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