In this article we will tell you a simple way to get rid of stuck up Windows Update screen on your PC.

Most of the PC users in the world, uses Windows operating system and as you know, Windows updates itself A LOT. Sometimes there can be glitches with updating due to the hardware, software, or internet connection the user has.

Just restart it

You don’t have to be afraid of turning your computer off or restarting it, even if you see this screen on your monitor. Yes, you should wait for some time to update your OS, but if it’s been quite a long time, you can restart or shut down your PC.

How long should you wait?

This question’s answer depends on what hardware you are using and how fast is your PC. If you have SSD installed in your PC and right amount of RAM, it shouldn’t be so long. But if you have an older PC, you might wait a little longer. However, in every case, a Windows update should finish in 2 hours at maximum.

Long story short, if you see a percentage on your screen and it is increasing, leave it be. This screen can stuck before continuing the process a while. You shouldn’t be too impatient too.

What will happen if you restart your PC?

As we tested it, first you’ll see this screen before you see sign-in screen. Windows will recover the system to its last stabile state and will show you the sign-in screen. Then, you’ll be able to log in again and start using your PC normally.

After you sign in, you’ll see a notification on right bottom, that Windows is failed to install the update. Then Windows will once again download the update file (in case it is corrupt) and try to install it some other time.

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