Fortnite is a popular game and it is not in the Play Store. People, who want to play Fortnite on Android devices, have to download it from the web as an APK and then install it. Epic, the game’s developer has decided to present the game without using Google Play Store. But, the inevitable happened.

A security flaw has been found in Fortnite’s APK. According to Android Central, the Fortnite Installer allows a malicious app to install. This malicious app takes advantage of a man-in-the-disk attack and it can hijack the Fortnite Installer and installs another APK instead.

Google has tried and took a video about this security flaw to prove. You can find the screenshots below to see how the process goes when installing the alleged Fortnite Installer.

The app was made available to Samsung devices on August 9th. Google found the flaw on August 15th and immediately reported Epic Games. Epic Games wanted Google to wait 90 days before disclosing the issue, but Google didn’t comply with this and went public with it. Google said that the users’ security was their top concern, however, Epic Games accused Google of being “irresponsible”.

Epic Games said that many installations had not yet been updated and were still vulnerable. The company thinks that this is a counter-PR effort to them, just because they choose to distribute their game outside of Google Play.

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