Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has been released recently, an interactive movie that you choose your own scenario during the movie. You get to decide what the character eats or acts under given circumstances. And you get a different ending in each one.

Even though it sounds good and interesting, Netflix has been sued by Chooseco LLC for this interactive movie. Chooseco LLC owns a book named Choose Your Own Adventure. It claims that FOX has made an agreement with them to make an interactive TV series based on the book in 2016. But Netflix didn’t do such an agreement with the firm. So Chooseco LLC sued Netflix for 20,000,000$.

Netflix hasn’t made a statement about the subject. Chooseco LLC wants them to stop using interactive progress in the movie. On the other hand, Chooseco LLC also says that they are using some contents from the book.

It’s a huge allegation for the firm and we are wondering if they will remove the movie from the site or not.

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